ALTEK Drivers

Alliance Logistics

This project is an eye catching & funny ad, adjusted to personally relate to truckers who do not drive semi's.

Getting away from the corporate.

After studying the client's industry, we found out that there are practically no funny or relatable visuals here. Everything felt too corporate and robotic. The vision came down to this: combine a feeling of relatability (humor) with a corporate entity (app). This is where the ideas started flowing!


Blonsky team came down to a simple perspective - a stereotypical trucker, a male in his 30s.

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We wanted to add an invisible charecter named "wife" to the commercial to add a little dimension to the story. Trucker, the main charecter, has a monologue with his wife about lack of work, therefore he would have to cancel their date for the night. But then a mysterious app starts sending him load of loads!

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